Truth Or Consequences

Distances & Price:
Registration closes Tuesday prior to the event, unless filled up sooner.
Event Location:
Jarrahdale and Serpentine National Park
Event Start Time:

6.45-7.15 am: Race bib pickup & check-in for Truth Ultra, Start/Finish line

7.20 am: Race briefing for Truth Ultra

7.30 am: Truth Ultra start

7.30-8.15 am: Race bib pickup & check-in for Half Truth, Start/Finish line

7.50-8.35 am: Race bib pickup & check-in for Blue and Green Course, Start/Finish line

8.20 am: Race briefing for Half Truth

8.30 am: Half Truth start

8.40 am Race briefing for Blue and Green Course

8.50 am Blue Course start

9.00 am Green Course start

10:10 am (TBC): Presentations for Blue and Green Courses

12 pm (TBC): Presentations for Half Truth

1.30 pm (TBC): Presentations for Truth Ultra

    Registration closes Tuesday prior to the event, unless filled up sooner.

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    Truth Or Consequences

    Winter Series #4

    Course Description

    Course Distances

    Truth Ultra Course: 50km +/- 1680
    Half Truth Course: 25 km +/- 840 metres
    Blue Course: 10 km +/- 200 metres
    Green Course: 5 km +/- 100 metres

    Pick your passion! The Truth, the whole Truth, or nothing but the consequences...which could mean a dreaded DNF...Or, feeling unprepared to tackle 50km of hills, rocks, boulders, single track, fire trail, steeps, flats, ruts, and pea gravel! So we give you an option, run the Half Truth instead. Want to go shorter? Choose our 10km "Blue" option or, shorter yet, our 5km "Green" option!

    Truth or Consequences (two loops): 50km +/- 1680 metres (Bonus: bragging rights over Half Truth mates)

    Half Truth: 25 km +/- 840 metres

    Course description: Half Truth comprises one 25km loop from Jarrahdale through Serpentine National Park, passing some Perth Trail Series icons along the way. The course starts with a short bitumen section to get you out of town, past the old cemetery. This will spread the field out comfortably, so everyone can enjoy several kilometres of sweet, descending single track at their own pace. Let the pretty descent lull you into a false sense of comfort. You'll want to hold onto that feeling for later. The single track is quite technical, with boulders in places. You will use your hands at least once. Hopefully it's not to pick yourself up off the ground.

    Blue Course: 10 km +/- 200 metres

    The Blue Course is an out and back course. It's perfect for those starting on the trails or with some experience but not ready for the 25km distance.

    Green Course: 5 km +/- 100 metres

    The Green Course is a loop, with an out and back at the start/finish. It's perfect for those that are brand new to trail running, or not ready to conquer the 10km distance.

    *View GPX Files in Race Brief link above.

    Course marking: Courses will be well flagged - and marshalled at a few key intersections. We do our best to keep you on course, but it is your responsibility to keep aware of the flagging. Getting lost because you followed someone is not a good reason.

    Mandatory Gear (Without this-You can't start. If found without it at ANY point-Disqualified!) You must carry a hydration system that will hold a minimum of 1ltr for the duration of the event. This could be a handheld, a pack, or a waist belt. We recommend most runners carry at least 1 litre. For the Blue and Green courses, you must carry 500ml of water for duration of the event.

    Are Poles Allowed? Half Truth, Blue and Green Courses - NO. Ultra runners, yes, under these conditions: (1) they must be collapsible poles and (2) you must carry them for the entire lap. You can choose to take them out for lap 1 or 2 or both, but you cannot drop them at an aid station along the way.

    Recommended Gear We love trail-specific shoes with good lugs. They bite. There's a difference between road bike tyres and mtb tyres for good reason. Short gaiters help keep the dirt and pebbles out of your shoes. Sunnies and a hat help protect you from the sun. A good attitude protects you from grumpiness. A compression bandage in case of a badly turned ankle or a snake bite is recommended, as is a mobile phone (Telstra coverage is best).

    Drop Bags 50km runners may leave a drop bag for the halfway point (which is at the start/finish). This bag must be clearly marked with your name and bib number. We will attempt to mind your bag(s), but you should not leave valuables in them such as money (yes, you may argue that gels are valuable, too!)

    Aid Station

    Top up Stops provisions will include (at the least) water, electrolyte and fruit.

    Top up Stops for Truth or Consequences Ultra: KM 9 (Serpentine NP/Falls), KM 25 (Start/Finish line), KM 34 (Serpentine NP/Falls), KM 45 (Serpentine River crossing). Note that there is no Top up Stop at the river crossing on lap 1.

    Top up Stops for Half Truth: KM 9 (Serpentine NP/Falls), KM 20 (Serpentine River crossing). 

    Top up Stop for Blue Course: Approximately halfway.

    Post Race Festivities:

    There will be food and coffee vans available to encourage you to stick around to cheer others in. It's a trail-running kind of ethos. Be sure to bring a change of (warm) clothes and a beanie so you're comfortable whilst you wait.

    Note that disposable cups are NOT provided at our events. All racers are provided with their very own reusable silicone collapsible cup. Be sure to collect your cup with your bib if it's your first event. If you've lost your cup, let us know. 15 ltr water jugs are provided at the finish line.

    Ambulance cover: A ride in an ambulance is generally not a preferred way to end your trail run. Arriving home later to a bill in the mail is even worse. Ambulance services are not covered by Medicare. Thus, we recommend that you have adequate insurance, including ambulance cover.

    Qualification standards: We do not require it at this point, but if you plan to enter the ultra, you should have completed a similar distance (and hilly) trail event in under 8hrs, have a fairly recent marathon time of under 5hrs, or have completed a fairly recent 20+km trail event within the time frame allotted.

    Pacing and Personal Crews: No outside assistance is allowed (i.e., no individual crewing/spectator crewing) except in the case of emergency. However, we will permit ultra runners to have someone they love hand over supplies/bottles at the start/finish line at the end of lap 1. This is the only place where runners may have assistance from anyone not wearing an orange fluoro PTS volunteer vest :)

    Cut off times: The 50km event has an 8.5hr cut-off (4PM). You must be at the halfway point in 4 hours or you will likely not be allowed to continue (rarely does an ultra runner speed up for the second half!). The 25km event has a very generous 6.5hr cut-off, as you merely need to be off the course at the same time the ultra runners finish, so we can all go home before dark.

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