Distances & Price:
Registration closes Tuesday prior to the event, unless filled up sooner.
Event Location:
Lesmurdie RP
Event Start Time:
6.00-6.50 am Arrival and Bib pickup
7.00 am Race Briefing (Black and Blue Runners)
7.10 am Black Course Start
7.25 am Blue Course Start
7.26 am Race Briefing (Green Runners)
7.35 am Green Course Start
8.25 am Green Course Presos
8.45am Blue and Black Course Presos

Registration closes Tuesday prior to the event, unless filled up sooner.


Swissmurdie - The 5th Summer Series Event

Course Description

Course distances

Green Course: 6.1km +/-220 mtrs
Blue Course: 9.1 km +/- 350 mtrs
Black Course: 15.1 km +/- 690 mtrs

The last race of the series gives you one more opportunity for scenic views. This course lets you enjoy many single track sections, interspersed with some wide tracks to allow easy passing opportunities. A short climb from the start will separate the group well before the single track sections start. After a second and steeper climb (with requisite false summits), you will enjoy some undulating track before descending to the single track. This section has both rocks and roots, so you can unleash your inner steinbock (that's alpine ibex for the non-Swiss).

And of course, an awesome medal!

Courses will be well flagged - and marshalled at a few key intersections. We will do our best to keep you on course, but it is your responsibility to keep aware of the flagging. 

Actual Race Day Course may change - always follow the course markings.

Aid Station

St John's will be available at the Aid Station located at the Start/Finish area. On course we have Top Up Stops - these are the yellow pins on the map. The Top Up Stops give you a chance to revive and energise with the PTS Crew on hand to assist you.

Green Course: One Top Up Stop - it's your turn around point! Adequate hydration and nutrition should be carried to last you the distance.

Blue and Black Course: Two Top Up Stops providing water and carbohydrates in the form of ELECTROLYTE and organic fruit.

Note Disposable cups are NOT provided at our events. All racers are provided with their very own reusable silicone collapsible cup. Be sure to collect your cup with your bib if it's your first event. If you've lost your cup, let us know. 15 ltr water jugs are provided at the finish line, so have your cup handy!

Swissmurdie Blue Course: 9.1 km +/- 350 mtrs
Swissmurdie Black Course: 15.1 km +/- 690 mtrs

Join in the fun!