Eagle & Child

Distances & Price:
Registration closes Tuesday prior to the event, unless filled up sooner.
Event Location:
Red Hill Auditorium
Event Start Time:

7.00-7.50 am Arrival and Bib pickup

8.00 am Race Briefing (Black and Blue Runners)

8.10 am Black Course Start

8.25 am Blue Course Start

8.26 am Race Briefing (Green Runners)

8.35 am Green Course Start

Registration closes Tuesday prior to the event, unless filled up sooner.

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Eagle & Child

Eagle and Child! A Trail Half Marathon.

Course Description

Event Distances

Double Black: Coming Soon!!!!!
Black Course / Half Marathon: 21km +/- ~500 mtr
Blue Course: 13.5km +/- ~200 mtr
Green Course: 5.5km +/- ~100 mtr

Each course provides a very different experience. Some of you will find yourself on the Eagleview trail for part of the course and all of them contain nice, wide fire trail as well as awesome single track. And they are all loops that see you starting and finishing in the same location.

Courses will be well flagged, with tape approximately every 300 metres. It will be marshalled at a few key intersections. We always do our best to keep you on course, but it is your responsibility to listen attentively at your race briefing and keep aware of the flagging and other signage whilst on course.

Aid Station

There will be Top up Stops for the Black and Blue courses, each accessing one at ~7 km and Black course will access a second one at approximately the halfway mark. 

Drop Down: The Black Course has a 'Drop Down' option at Top up Stop #1 to continue along the Blue Course for the remainder of the race. This is approximately 7km into the race.

The Top up Stops provide water, carbohydrates and electrolytes (so, bring your reusable, collapsible cup!). 

Post race festivities:

We'll have some tunes playing to welcome you back at the finish line, it is Red Hill Auditorium after all!

There will be food vans and hot coffee to encourage you to stick around to cheer others in. It's a trail-running kind of ethos. 

Be sure to bring a change of (warm) clothes and a beanie so you're comfortable whilst you wait.

Note: Disposable cups are NOT provided at our events. All racers are provided with their very own reusable silicone collapsable cup. Be sure to collect your cup with your bib if it's your first event. If you've lost your cup, let us know. 15 ltr water jugs are provided at the finish line, so have your cup handy!

Presentations: ~10am 
Blue Course: 13.5km +/- ~300 mtr
Black Course / Half Marathon: 22km +/- ~500 mtr

What are you waiting for? Join the fun!