Diamond Ultra Endurance Run💎

Distances & Price:
Registration closes Tuesday prior to the event, unless filled up sooner. 1hr Course 3hr Course 6hr Course 12hr Course *begins on 20 March 12hr Relay *begins on 20 March
Event Location:
UWA Sports Park: 10 McGillivray Rd, Mount Claremont WA 6010
Event Start Time:
7.00pm-8.50pm Arrival, tent set-up, bib *ON SATURDAY, 19 MARCH
All Race Briefings held 10 minutes prior to start time
9.00 pm 12hr and Relay Start *ON SATURDAY, 19 MARCH

All other races occur, Sunday 20 March

3.30 am 6hr Course Start 
6.30 am 3hr Course Start
8.00 am 1hr Course Start
9.45 am All Presos




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Diamond Ultra Endurance Run💎

Course Description

This race is an opportunity to push yourself and see what you're capable of! Use all your Summer Series training, to achieve a goal. 

You against the clock. No specific finishing distance. Completing as many kilometers as you're able to. Through experience we've found that (Distance Is A Mental Obstacle Not Duration***DIAMOND) and that our bodies are much more capable than our minds allow us to believe. We can use time as our gauge, while accumulating some serious kms.  

But it's up to you. You decide what goal you want to achieve and how hard you push yourself. 

You may use this race to reach a new distance goal with time to spare, or use it to squeeze as many seconds as you can out of the entire time provided. 

It's different to any other race we organise. There are no mandatory items to carry. You get to see your crew frequently. You'll never be alone. You can have your own support station in the event village. 

The course is a 2.8km loop that's primarily easy terrain underfoot with minimal gain or loss in elevation. 

1hr / 3hr / 6hr / 12hr /12hr Relay

Which one's for me? (our guide, but it's up to you to decide)

1hr: Walk or Run - It's all about Fun! You can try a PB today, or attempt the furthest you've ever gone. Either way, you've got an hour to do it! #noexcuses

3hr: Our most popular choice! You smile when you run. It's time to see how far can you go? Can you complete what you've done in over 5 events throughout the Summer Series in one go???? #yesyoucan

6hr: You're up for a challenge! You've spent some time in the pain cave. You've been training. You're an experienced competitor and athlete. #fitandstrong

12hr: You're up for pushing yourself to your limits, the ultimate challenge! You've run longer distances before. You're ready for ultra. You're an experienced competitor and athlete. Go Big or Go Home is your motto! #all-in

Relay: Rally your friends to do something totally different! There is no time requirement for each participant. You start Saturday night with the 12 hour wave, and cheer each other on throughout the night. #morefunwithfriends 

You can sign up for any distance and choose to walk the entire distance. There is no cut-off other then the time that the race finishes. 

Aid Station

You're encouraged to gather your fan club, support squad, whatever you want to call them...a marquee and have your own pit stop! This is what you've been training for all Summer Series, and here's your chance to show it! 

We'll have a main Top Up Stop along with a professional first aid services team in the event village. It will be clearly displayed, with easy access. You don't need to stop, if you don't need to. At some point, we'll expect most athletes to stop through here. 

Shine Bright Like a Diamond!

The Diamond Ultra event captures an atmosphere unlike any other running event you've been to. The buzzing excitement and energy in the event village for both supporters and athletes is EPIC! For the athlete, you'll truly understand the motto: 

And our advice: When it comes to diamonds, bigger is definitely not always better! Instead, focus on a balance of the 4Cs: cut, clarity, color, and carat

Colour: Our standard PTS races define all the courses by colour. You can think of it like this: 1hr=Green / 3hr=Blue / 6=Black / 12hr=Double Black/Relay=FUN!!!!! 

Carat: 1hr / 3hr / 6hr / 12hr / 12hr Relay

Clarity: All about why you're doing this race. Getting that clear goal, and visualising exactly what it's all about. A higher-clarity diamond that is smaller is a better choice than getting a bigger stone of lower clarity.

Cut: How well it unleashes its light...this is the sparkle...has your training been fun, making your race day fun?