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Break the Boundary

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By participating in the Diamond Ultra Endurance event, you're helping us to continue supporting Break The Boundary. 

Break the Boundary provides nature-based opportunities for people living with a disability to break their physical, mental and social boundaries to engaging with the outdoor and the wider community. 

Perth Trail Series supports Break the Boundary to empower people with physical disabilities to go beyond flat surfaces, out of their comfort zone, and into off-road areas around Australia which they thought were inaccessible. We do this by making finacial contributions to the organisation, which helps fund equipement like the trail rider. 


We also provide enthusiastic 'Woohoo Crew' that are responsible for taking people beyond the concrete and into nature! We help people ditch the daily mobility aids and leave behind impairments allowing them to sit back, relax and get off-road! 

At the Diamond Ultra Endurance Run, we'll be having 2 teams out on the trails riders for the duration of the event.  

If you would like to help this amazing cause even more:

Fundraise or Join the Woohoo Crew as a Trail Sherpa

Most recently funds that were raised went to purchasing the 2nd trail rider, shown below.