Bloated Goat OLD

Winter Series Finale – 29 August 2021

About the Event

The finale to the “Winter Series” is Bloated Goat – an event not to be missed! We’ve got a distance for every type of runner, all courses will provide a challenge! For the full Bloated Goat we get adventurous types who’ve accomplished plenty of other fitness achievements maybe a half, full, or even ultra marathon! Which one will you sign up for?

Bloated Goat – Course Description: 28km +/- 1600m

Bloated Goat is something you must train for! It’s the toughest event in WA and it’s not for everyone. Bloated Goat was the very reason we created our ‘Double Black’ category!!!

Little Fat Lamb – Course Description: 19.5km +/- 1000m

Little Fat Lamb: Yes there’s still hills and yes, it will be a challenge, and perfect for you if you completed the BLACK COURSE Summer Series. And also perfect for you, if you have completed a TRAIL MARATHON.

Bleating Kid – Course Description: 12.7km +/- 600m

Bleating Kid: Still hills, still a challenge and perfect for you if you completed the BLUE COURSE Winter Series. And also perfect for you if you have completed a TRAIL HALF MARATHON.

Roast Lamb – Course Description: 5.6km +/- 300m

Roast Lamb: 5km that’s your toughest challenge yet! There’s 300 m of climbing, it’s a course that let’s the GREEN COURSE Winter Series runner see what they’re made of!


We can’t wait to cheer you on as you meet the Goat, the Fat Lamb, the Kid or the Roast Lamb!  Woohoo!!!

Important Times

6:00am – Check-in and Bib Collection (closes at 6:50am)

7:00am Race Briefing – ALL Bloated Goat runners and Little Fat Lamb runners must be present.

7:10am Bloated Goat Course Start

7:30am Little Fat Lamb Course Start

What To Bring
  • Your Hydration System (handheld bottle, waist belt, or pack that holds a minimum of 1500ml, yes 1.5 litres). This MUST be presented at Check-in or you won’t receive your race bib
  • PTS Collapsible Cup to access electrolyte at the Top up Station. If it’s your first event let PTS Crew know at Check-in to receive your cup.
  • Hat and sunscreen
  • A positive and prepared for anything trail runner attitude!
  • Cash/Card for the coffee and food vans, and to grab yourself some awesome trail gear and PTS Merch.
What Not to Bring
  • Your dog. The Start/Finish area is a Water Corp Site that doesn’t permit dogs.
  • Hiking poles. These are not permitted on course for 2021.
  • Bleating Kid and Roast Lamb runners please leave your drop bag in your vehicle. There is no sheltered area for your stuff.
Top Up Stations

Bleating Kid has two – at 6km and 8.5km

Roast Lamb has one – at 3.7 km

Important Health & Safety Information!

We’ve got full event staff on the day making sure you’re 100% looked after and you’ll experience the trails, nature and community stress and worry free. We provide course markings the whole way to help you stay on track! Flagging tape in trees, and arrows guide you around the course so you can focus on your fitness and capturing the stunning scenery. We’ve got assistants at key intersections to help you stay on track giving out high 5’s and Woohoo’s all kinds of encouragement!

All our events always include:

– Race Brief, course maps, event directions on our website and emailed prior to the event
– Toilets at the start/finish
– Parking marshals with clear communication 
– Professional Medical Team with ambulance on site
– Fully stocked fueling – stations.
– We work with the Land Managers to ensure all permits are organised and approved
– We have all the relevant insurances

want to VoLUNteer?

Maybe you can’t run this event, or you’ll be there supporting your friends and family! You can register to volunteer here.

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