CRU100 / CRU50 / CRU Relay – Collie River Ultra Marathon!!!!

The Collie River Ultra Marathon gives you 100 kilometres of incredible trail running through one of the most adventurous regions of Australia – on a BRAND NEW purpose built hiking/running trail!!! It’s the best we’ve found, and we’re inviting you to see for yourself!

Complete the entire 100km SOLO and you’ll be amongst the first to take on this epic journey; or opt to Run 50km SOLO starting on the iconic Dam Wall; or gather your mates for a relay team of 2-5 runners spending quality time encouraging eachother and being part of a team.

All of these options have you amongst the first runners on this trail.

September brings wildflowers, flowing water and perfect running temperature.

You’ll run over bridges, circumnavigate Wellington Dam, through magnificent yarri, marri and jarrah forest on single trails in a massive loop.

Full Service: This is a ‘full service’ event with all the customer service considerations you’d expect from an industry leader; such as busses to the start for 50km solo runners, well stocked checkpoints, a marked and marshalled course, and stop off points for spectators and support crews that allow them to take in the best of the landscape as well.

Terrain: Utilising large sections of the Brand New ‘Wiilman Bilya Trail’, the terrain underfoot is not overly technical and includes a range of trail types, from hard packed clay trails to soft dirt with plenty of weaving single track between. It is unfair to call the course ‘flat’ but with a total ascent / descent of 2000m the course is far from mountainous with long runnable sections that are a sheer delight to run along.


Leg 1: 12.4km / Leg 2: 13.6km / Leg 3: 20.5km / Leg 4: 17.6km / Leg 5: 17.2km

Relay Total : 81.3km +/-1623

CRU50: 55.3km +/- 1,051m

CRU100: 101.3km +/- 2000m


Starting and finishing in the town of Collie – on The Wiilman Bilya Trail! A place for adventures! Not only is this perfect running trail, there’s loads for your support crew to do while you’re on trail! And there’s so many opportunites they can see you and cheer you on!

The 100km course, takes off from the Collie Visitor Centre in town, before making your way onto the sexy single trail! You’ll run along the stunning dam, over the dam wall, through beautiful bush! It’s all runnable, making it perfect if it’s your first 100km!

The 50km course, has you toeing off on the iconic dam wall! Seriously, you’re starting ontop of the largest dam wall mural in the southern hemisphere! Talk about instaworthy! The trail is just as epic too!

Relay Teams CRU can also be completed by relay teams of up to 5 runners doing one or more legs each. With legs varying in length between 13km and 30km, the relay team categories put this event within the grasp of just about any runner who wants to experience the thrill of fresh air and scenic trails in Australia’s South West.


Friday 8 Sept

3pm-8pm: Competitor Registration and Event Briefing

Saturday 9 Sept

6am: 100km RACE START

8:00am: Relay LEG 1 RACE START

9:30am: 50km RACE START

Sunday 10 Sept

10am PRESENTATIONS for the Collie River Ultra Marathon


CRU100 Cut-Offs:

Transition 1: 12.4km Last Runner Expected at: 8:23am*

Transition 2: 26km Last Runner Expected at: 10:59am*

Transition 3: 46.5km Last Runner Expected at: 2:55pm*

Transition 4: 64.1km Last Runner Expected at: 6:17pm*

CRU100 Aid Station: 73.9km Last Runner Expected at: 6:55pm**

CRU100 Aid Station: 93.7km Last Runner Expected at: 10:22pm

*Times are for the 100km course. If you fall behind these last expected times, at 73.7km you’ll be directed to stay on the final relay Leg and finish your race at 81.3km. You will not receive a DNF, you will receive a 81.3km finish.

CRU100 HARD CUT OFF: 73.7km **If you’re not here by 7pm, you’ll be directed to stay on final Leg and finish your race at 81.3km. This is based on consistently maintaining a 10:30min/km pace. You must cross the finish line before 11:45pm there are no exceptions to this time. 

Last Runner Expected Finish

FINISH RELAY: 81.3km First Runner Expected at 1:25pm / Last Runner Expected at: 9:13pm

FINISH CRU50: 55.3km First Runner Expected at 1:39pm / Last Runner Expected at: 8:06pm

FINISH CRU100: 101.3km First Runner Expected at 2:27pm / Last Runner Expected at: 11:43pm


Breakdown for RELAY RUNNERS

Leg 1: 12.4km Collie Visitor Centre to Coalfields Hwy Pipeline

Flat, fast and partially sealed! 

This eases you into the Epic day and for the Solo runners the biggest challenge will be not going out too fast! For the teams, get your speedy road running mate to set your team up for the win! 

This is the section for the road runners or the non-runners! It’s the least remote beside Coalfields highway on non technical paths and footpaths. 

The last part of the course winding single track and then wide firetrail into the checkpoint.

  • Course distance in total: 12.4km

  • Elevation gain / loss: +180m/-150m

  • Expected fastest leg time – team / solo: 50min / 1hr 2min

  • Transition Closes at 10am

Leg 2: 13.6km – “Get Tanked” Coalfields Hwy Pipeline – Dam Wall 

Setting off on firetrail, this section is undulating bliss! You can look ahead and see the journey unfolding! 

You’ll pass one of the most epic tanks I’ve ever seen, and it’s personally my favourite leg to run because it has everything! You’ll get sexy single track and technical trail with the ups and downs. 

Leg 2 finishes in Wellington NP at the Kiosk and Dam Wall where you can grab a craft beer, coffee, cake and a selfie with your teammates at the 26km transition.

  • RIDE GPS Map for Leg: 

  • Course distance in total: 26km

  • Elevation gain / loss: +388m/-404m

  • Expected fastest leg time – team / solo: 55min / 1hr 8min

  • Transition Closes at 12:20pm

Leg 3: 20.5km Dam Wall to Kelly Rd

Leg 3 starts on the Dam Wall! You quickly turn onto beautiful single trail Bibbulmun spur trail leaving behind all sealed paths with many kilometres of beautiful single track, flowy firetrails and forest. 

  • Course distance in total: 46.5km

  • Elevation gain / loss: +430m / -400m 

  • Expected fastest leg time – team / solo: 1hr 22min / 1hr 43min 

  • Transition Closes at 3:45pm

Leg 4: 17.6km Kelly Rd to Connell Rd 

Continuing north from Transition 3 runners pass the Yakkan campsite and the iconic “sticks”.

This is potentially the hardest part of the course with long sections of beautiful single track pair undulations with dam viewings. Definitely challenging but enjoyable running 

  • Course distance in total:  64.1km

  • Elevation gain / loss: +430m / -350m 

  • Expected fastest leg time – team / solo: 1hr 11min / 1hr 28min 

  • Transition Closes: 6:41pm

Leg 5: 17.2km Connell Rd to Soldiers Park 

Finish line sees you in Soldiers Park and the town centre of Collie! This final stretch starts downhill and feels like that the entire way. Woohoo! You’ve done it! Finish flat, fast and strong!

  • Course distance in total:  81.3km

  • Elevation gain / loss: +190m/-270m 

  • Expected fastest time – team / 50 solo: 1hr 9min / 1hr 17min

  • Course Finish Closes: 11:43pm


For All CRU100 runners, Halfway into Leg 5 you’ll deviate from the rest of the pack and head off on a very special 20km trail loop, returning you back to the same spot you deviated from! This special loop is to be ***Accessed EVENT DAY ONLY!!!*** Before you hit this special trail, you’ll have a special top up station to check-in at, where friends and family can meet you. 

TLDR: Brief summary of the terrain types found:

  • Leg 1: Easy running on a firm base. Minimal technical aspects. Flat and fast. 
  • Leg 2: Great running on firm, hard packed trails. Mix of wide and single trail. All Undulating.
  • Leg 3: Epic Start leading onto beautiful single track, flowy firetrails and forest. All Runnable.

  • Leg 4: Incredible running with all trail types. Some Climbing – mainly on single trail paired with stunning views. Trails have a firm base with some technical aspects.

  • Leg 5: Good running with all trail types. Mainly on trails which mostly have a firm base and hard pack dirt. Some technical aspects after the hanging bridge and sealed footpath to the finish.