Uncivilised Yourself


Calling all the Trail Ladies!

Ladies ONLY! Trails, Chocolate and Sparkling Bubbles

Lake Leschenaultia

Calling all the Trail Ladies! A first of it's kind event in Perth. Walk one loop, or run seven, or any combination in between. It's a celebration.

Summer Series: 5 Events

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Various Location in Perth

The Summer Series is made up of 5 PTS Events. Enter all five and receive finisher medals, plus get a FREE PTS Race Shirt.

Summer Series: Event 1

Stay Puft

Yanchep NP

A hot start to the season, it's our first event in the Summer Series! Includes a 11.9km Short Course and an 18km Long Course. Get the runners back on after a nice festive season break.

Summer Series: Event 2


Walyunga NP

Where's Wally? He's out there, looking for the shady sections. So keep a lookout as the climbs increase, with the temperature! The second event in our fun Summer Series includes a 9.4km Short Course and a 13.6km Long Course.

Summer Series: Event 3

Snakes N Ladders

Serpentine NP

This course will have you playing a life size version of Chutes and Ladders. In accordance with the game, you may find your performance helped or hindered by the naturally-formed "chutes" and "ladders" embedded in the topography. But don't forget, it's just a game and games are fun!

Summer Series: Event 4

Qi Gong

Wungong RP

Sure, we said Snakes 'n' Ladders provided the most elevation per km, but we're splitting hairs now. Align your breath with your movement and you'll maximize your Qi (Chi) on this one. Then you can simply float up the hills. If that doesn't work, you can try stealing others' chi, but that might be unethical.

Summer Series: Event 5


Lesmurdie RP

Welcome to the Perth Alps, for our race finale! The roo's might not be wearing cow bells, but we'll do our best to give you the WA version of a Swiss alpine race. So, if you hear someone yelling, "Hop hop hop!" it isn't a strange reference to kangaroo behaviour, but is rather the Swiss cheer for "Go!" similar to "Allez allez!" heard in France and "Bravo!" heard in Italy.

Summer Series Finale!

Bloated Goat 30km, Fat Lamb 20km, Bleating Kid 12km

Wungong RP

These hills have some serious climbs and before you know it, you'll be feeling like a mountain goat. Gracefully and energised as you climb these hills! There's a beautiful mix of single track, fire trail, pea gravel, rocks, ruts, steep climbs and brutal fun descents.