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LiveLighter Truth or Consequences Race Brief

Distances & Price:
Event Location:
Jarrahdale and Serpentine National Park
Event Start Time:

LiveLighter Truth or Consequences Race Brief

Event Date:
Event Start Time:
Event Location:
Jarrahdale and Serpentine National Park
Directions to Event:

Course Description

Aid Station

We can't wait to cheer you on for LiveLighter Truth or Consequences - taking in the Jarrahdale and Serpentine National Park trails !

"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad."- Aldous Huxley

Directions and Parking Information

The Start/Finish area is at Bruno Gianatti Hall, corner of Munro Street and Jarrahdale Road, Jarrahdale WA.

There's a very small carpark at Bruno Gianatti Hall. You can park at the Caravan Park on Millars Road (less than 600 meters to the Start/Finish). If you decide to park on the street please be considerate to the residents of Jarrahdale DO NOT BLOCK any driveways - especially the fire brigade access driveways across the street from Bruno Gianatti Hall!

Please avoid driving on Wanliss Street and DO NOT PARK on Wanliss Street.

*There is mobile reception service with all network providers at the Start/Finish. Some network providers do not provide service for the entire duration of the course. Being trail runners, you are resourceful!*

Important Times

6:45am Check-in and Bib Collection for Truth Ultra (closes at 7:15am)

7:20am Race Briefing for Truth Ultra

7:30am Truth Ultra Start

7:30am Check-in and Bib Collection for Half Truth (closes at 8:20am)

7:50am Check-in and Bib Collection for Blue Course (closes at 8:40am)

8:20am Race Briefing for Half Truth

8:30am Half Truth Start

8:35am Check-in and Bib Collection for Green Course (closes at 9:15am)

8:40am Race Briefing for Blue Course

8:50am Blue Course Start

9:15am Race Briefing for Green Course

9:25am Green Course start

10:30am (TBC): Presentations for Blue and Green Courses

12pm (TBC): Presentations for Half Truth

1:30pm (TBC): Presenations for Truth Ultra

What To Bring

- Your Hydration System (handheld bottle, waist belt, or pack that holds a minimum of 500ml for Blue and Green courses and minimum of 1 litre for Half Truth and Truth Ultra courses). This MUST be presented at Check-in or you won't receive your race bib.

- PTS Collapsible Cup to access water at the Aid Station and at the Finish Line. No cup = no water. If it's your first event let PTS Crew know at Check-in to receive your cup.

- You get an entire pizza to yourself from Joe's Woodfired Pizza for only $5!  Don't forget your appetite and $5 cash for your post race refueling.

- A positive and prepared for anything trail runner attitude!

- Cash for Michael's Coffee Van, and to grab yourself some awesome PTS Gear (Shirts $40, Socks $20, Tubies/Buffs $15).

What NOT To Bring:

- Hiking poles - unless you're a 50km runners (1) they must be collapsible poles and (2) you must carry them for the entire lap. You can choose to take them out for lap 1 or 2 or both, but you cannot drop them at an aid station along the way. 

- Dogs are welcome at the Start/Finish area of this event, but we ask that they're well behaved and controlled.

***Complete Winter Series Runners***

- Don't forget your wristband!!! Please wear your PTS silicone wristband to obtain your MegaMedal and receive 10% off of Merch on the day!

Carpooling Mates: To find your carpooling mates, join our Perth Trail Series (social group)

Cut off Times:  

The Truth 50km Ultra Marathon has an 8.5hr cut-off (4:00pm) - you must be at the halfway point in 4 hours or you will likely not be allowed to continue.

The Half Truth 25km has a generous 6.5hr cut-off time (4:00pm) - you need to be off the course at the same time the ultra runners finish, so we can all go home before dark.

50km Drop Bags: 50km runners can have ONE "Drop bag" clearly labelled with your full name on it, which you will leave in the hall in designated drop bag area. To access your bag after lap 1, you'll proceed through the gantry (to have your chip recorded), then into the adjacent hall. No personal supplies will be dropped at the on course aid stations.

50km Personal Crews: No individual/personal crews offering outside assistance to runners are permitted (except in case of an Emergency) We do permit Ultra runners to have a family/friends help you transition at the Start/Finish area between Lap 1 and Lap 2 (bringing you items to help you refuel or fetching your drop bag). Your family and friends are free to cheer you on at any point of the course they're able to access, but to keep the event fair for all they cannot run with you or provide you with any items.

***All Runners - Important On Course Information***

- We encourage all runners to remove the headphones today. There's a lot of single track, some with two way traffic. There will be other users on the trail - horses, hikers and mountain bikers. So please ditch the headphones and keep everybody safe.

- This is a big event and runs all day (for some of us!) Runners familiar with PTS events should not expect marshals at every corner. We'll have PTS Crew high five-ing and woohoo-ing you in as many spots as we can! Runners need to be very aware of the course markings, with arrows and/or blue flagging tape which will be located along the course every 250-300 metres. If you don't see a flag for more than 500 metres, you may have gone off course. Look back, retrace your steps, and find a flag! 

*GPX Files may be subject to change.

GPX File Half Truth 25km Course *50km Ultra Truth Runners run two laps* 

GPX File Truth Blue Course

GPX File Truth Green Course

Course Map

There may be changes to the course for various reasons. So always follow the course markings of arrows and blue flagging tape (not the person in front of you), and be mindful of directions from Woohoo Crew on course.

*Actual event day course may change - always follow course flagging on the day*

Grab your phone click 'view larger map' and follow your course colour. You can carry it as a backup on raceday. (may not work in limited reception areas)

How do I that? Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. The night before the race, click 'view larger map' in the top right corner of google map and make sure that it opens in your phone google maps.

2. When you're at the start line, open your google maps and make sure you see the Green, Blue and Black course lines.

3. If you're doing the Green Course, follow the Green line. If you're doing the Blue course, follow the Blue line. Same with Black.


The most important thing you can do this week is get enough sleep. You’ve done an amazing amount of work getting to this point and being fully rested at the start line will ensure you perform to the best of your ability.


When you start getting nervous during the week or before the race, think back to some of the great times during your long runs during the Summer and Winter Series events. Picture yourself there, recall how you felt and then picture yourself out on the Truth course, feeling the same way.

Similarly, if you’re feeling low during the event think about crossing the finish line like you did in the Summer and Winter Series, storming a downhill or crushing an uphill and picture yourself doing it again but on this course.

Some rules to remember:

1. Disqualification (DQ) if caught littering or short-cutting/cheating.

2. Minimum 500ml / 750ml hydration must be carried for the duration of the event and it's a DQ if you're caught without it. If you want to run without hydration, there are great footpaths in the city ;)

3. If you did not enter this event, you aren't allowed to run the course on the day. This is called "ghosting" and results in not being allowed entry into future PTS events.

4. Bibs can't be given to someone else to race on your behalf - your bib, your identity.

5. No headphones allowed along Kitty Gorge or on the roads.

6. High Five, Woohoo, Have Fun and make sure to look after each other. Trail etiquette is key as our events grow. Look after eachother out there.


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