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Qi Gong Race Brief

Distances & Price:
Event Location:
Wungong RP
Event Start Time:

Qi Gong Race Brief

Event Date:
Event Start Time:
Event Location:
Wungong RP
Directions to Event:

Course Description

Aid Station

Woohoo - welcome to Event Three of Summer Series 2020! We can't wait to cheer you on as you find your Qi!

Huh? What's Qi? Qi Gong. Qi (or Chi, but pronounced Chee, regardless) is Chinese for energy or life force. Gong = Work. Qi Gong is a method of aligning breath and movement - the practice of Tai Chi is one example. Uniting your breath and movement in trail running may be another! 

Directions and IMPORTANT Parking Information. Please plan to arrive earlier than you normally would. 

From Perth, travel southeast on Albany Highway past Armadale, turning right (south) onto Admiral Road, where it is signed. Follow Admiral road all the way down to the white park gate where you’ll see the start/finish. Continue on to the car park slightly further on your right. If that's full, travel approximately 600 mtrs further (up a hill) to the other car parks.
(We use 218 Admiral Rd Bedfordale WA 6112 in Google Maps...gets us there everytime!)
There are limited car parking spaces so we appreciate runners carpooling! To find your carpooling mates, use the Qi Gong Event page and join our Perth Trail Series (social group)
Important Times
6:00am Check-in and Bib Collection (closes at 6:50am)
7:00am Race Briefing - Black and Blue Courses (ALL Black and Blue runners must be present)
7:10am Black Course Start
7:25am Blue Course Start
7:26am Race Briefing - Green Course (ALL Green runners must be present)
7:35am Green Course Start


What To Bring

- Your Hydration System (a handheld bottle, waist belt, or pack that holds a minimum of 500ml). All runners - regardless of course distance - MUST present their hydration system at Check-in or you won't receive your race bib. Save a walk back to the car and make sure you have it with you! You must carry your hydration system with you for the duration of your time on course. No hydration = no time. No exceptions!

- PTS Collapsible Cup to access water at the Aid Station and punch at the Finish Line. No cup = no water and no punch. If it's your first event let the PTS Crew know when you Check-in to receive your cup.

- Hat, sunscreen and a positive, prepared for anything, sense of adventure, trail running attitude!

- Cash for pre-race coffee from Ya Daily Dose, and to buy awesome PTS Gear (Buffs, KeepCups, Shirts, Race Dots available). Cash only this event.

- Drop Bag so you can have drinks and change of clothes with you at the finish. We'll have a marquee you can leave your stuff at. 

What NOT To Bring:

Your dog. It's a Water Corp Site that doesn't welcome dogs.

***Complete Summer Series Runners***

- Don't forget your wristband!!! #dfyw Please wear your PTS silicone wristband to obtain your #MegaMedal piece at the Finish line! If you didn't grab it last event, please collect your wristband after you've completed Check-in/Bib Collection.

Post Race

 - Ya Daily Dose will have delicious beverages - so grab a drink and relax while cheering in your fellow trail runners! Cash only this event, don't forget!

- Presos will take place ~9:00am. We'll award 1st, 2nd, 3rd for each course. Stick around and join in the fun - you might score yourself a spot prize! There's awesome prizes from PA Sports & Leisure - along with mystery prizes from our sponsors.

- Once you've cooled down with some watermelon and punch, head over and join in a Qigong cool down session! Alex Lim will be taking you through some moves and introducing you to this ancient practice.


- Organic Circle is shouting all PTS runners 20% off of food and beverage* after the race! They have some awesome ethical, sustainable, local organic products and produce that you can look at while you're waiting for your food! *in house food and beverage purchases only. They're at 7 Albany Highway (just before you reach the traffic lights, on your left!)


Thank Yous & Exclusive PTS Runner Offers
- Paul from Gongwalkabout will be here to get you in the zone!
- Peter from PA Sports & Leisure will have his awesome sunnies, laces, race belts and socks available on the day, as well as some amazing prizes.
- Scott from Bounce Physiotherapy will be back. Look for him post race where will be providing massage (spots are limited), strapping, injury management, and general advice.


Course Mudmap

Download the Google Map to your device and follow your course colour

*Actual event day course may change - always follow course flagging on the day*

Black Course GPX File

Blue Course GPX File

Green Course GPX File


Be mindful when the courses rejoin. It is quite a wide trail, however, if you're keen to pass just call out and do so when safe :-) Something simple and succinct such as, "on your left." That person can then make way for you when it is safe for them to do so.

You may notice it's a been a bit hot and humid in Perth this summer. Prepare for this before you join the course, carry extra water, and look after each other.

Uphills and walking: Are you one of those people who persistently run/grind up to the top of a hill... or until your lungs explode and your legs melt? Sometimes it feels pretty good doing this, particularly if you pass people on the way up. But sometimes you might just be knackering yourself which prevents you from reaching your full potential on the downs and the flats. We’re not talking about every uphill incline, but rather the hills that you have to work extra hard to get up.

Consider (power) walking uphill instead with the thought, and this is the important bit, of then being able to make up more ground on the downhill and any flat bits! We’re expecting there won’t be a huge difference in the times but hopefully a huge difference in how you feel at the top and consequently how you run the next section.

Some rules to remember:

1. Disqualification (DQ) if caught littering or short-cutting/cheating.

2. Minimum 500ml hydration must be carried for the duration of the event and it's a DQ if you're caught without it. If you want to run without hydration there are great footpaths in the city ;-)

3. Bibs cannot be given to someone else to race on your behalf - your bib, your identity. If you did not enter this event, you aren't allowed to run the course on the day. This is called "ghosting" and will result in being refused entry to future PTS events.