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Blog: Meet the Team

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Blog: Meet the Team

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Perth Trail Series delivers over 20 Trail Events in WA each year, putting over 6000 people on the trail. Woohoo! We're an all ladies team, and we're stoked to organise amazing event experiences right here in WA! Our events are held in some of WA’s most stunning locations and we're proud of our world class events, and stunning locations.

We LOVE our trail community, the environment, and the event experience, which is why we're leading the way in delivering low (sooooo close to NO impact) events ...including the vibe at the end! Where there's truckloads of high fives, PTS punch, music and/or some form of entertainment! And really cool people to chat with.

The Faces Behind the Trail Magic!

Melina Mellino: Our High-Fiving, Woohooing, Race Director (one of the top RDs in Australia 😊) and the Director of Perth Trail Series. Melina radiates enthusiasm and passion for the trails and our amazing community. It would be easy to say that Melina embodies what it means to be a Perth Trail Series runner. You'll find her leading the cruisy paced groups, chatting with you and encouraging you to continue. She's usually high fiving and hugging everyone at the events, singing songs to you in the race brief, and letting out woohoo's when you run through the gantry. When not organising events, you'll find Melina promoting trails, doing trail maintenance or sometimes laying very still in the sun soaking up rays.

Rachel Brooks: Rach comes from the speedy side of life and when not burning up the trails, she's head down organising events. Making sure everything is exactly as it should be. On Race Day, Rach may be a little jumpy...this has nothing to do with stress. Rach would love to be out there racing…….its in her blood and she is Faaaaast!!!! Be careful if going for a casual trot with Rach, you could very easily end up in a secret race. On race day, throw her a high five and say ‘Thank You’. She puts in a huge effort to help make the events happen and is always looking to make the next one better than the last.

Jessica Watson: PTS Admin and Woohoo Crew Coordinator. She's been at Perth Trail Series for nearly two years! Woohoo! Most of the time, when you email us, she's the friendly face on the other side of the screen. Sorting out requests, remembering birthdays, correcting our spelling errors, and picking the best photos for Facebook, emails, website and so much more! On event day, you see her sorting rego out, making the merch table and preso tables     beautiful, and handing out the trophies!