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Lake Lash Dash- Run, Hike, Walk or Ride

Distances & Price:
3km-6km-9km or more! Run/Hike/Walk or Ride! You decide!
With your rego you get:
Chocolates and other surprises along the course!
A one of a kind finisher medal.
Sparkling bubbles at the finish line.
A very special reusable race bib.
Heaps of encouragement along the way.

The Run: Eventbrite - Lake Lash Dash
Event Location:
Lake Leschenaultia
Event Start Time:

Rego: 7.30am-8.30am

Race Brief: 8.30am

Start: 8.40am

Presos Start: 9:45am-10am (depending on the vibe)


Lake Lash Dash- Run, Hike, Walk or Ride

Event Date:
Event Start Time:

Rego: 7.30am-8.30am

Race Brief: 8.30am

Start: 8.40am

Presos Start: 9:45am-10am (depending on the vibe)


Event Location:
Lake Leschenaultia
Directions to Event:
When using Google Maps, enter "Lake Leschenaultia Car Park, 2134 Rosedale Rd, Chidlow WA 6556"

Run 3 km OR 21 km...Walk OR push a pram...OR Ride! Just don't miss out! Chocolate and Sparkling Bubbles for our very special Trail Ladies!

Course Description

Here's how it works: 

We have 2 events on offer!




Mountain Bike Ride

Get your group of friends together to come out and participate. You can run or walk as much, or as little as you like! Or choose the Mountain Bike Ride! Same Deal. You can go out for one loop, two or as many as you like! We'll be using the brand new Mountain Bike trails at Lake Leschenaultia (how lucky are you?!) for the ride so the cyclists will have their very own trails to use, giving the runners/walkers plenty of room to cruise around the Lake.


The Run: The course takes place on a stunning 3km loop around the lake. We'll have all kinds of surprise stops for you. Like chocolate! And sparkling bubbles at the finish line! This is meant to be pure enjoyment!


How far do you run? It's up to you. Decide on the day. No pressure.

If you like, try for a PB half marathon, or not. It's up to you!

Dress up as a trail fairy, or not. Again, up to you.


The Ride: Trail Ladies grab your MTB bike……OR loan one

A MTB event for Ladies only. If you're new OR a trail crusher, come and enjoy an event that is all about having fun, hitting the trails and giving it a GO. No elbows, all smiles and laughs.

A 3km loop course with both green and blue trail options, you choose.One way up and heaps of options down so you won't get bored and can try different runs!

Go fast. Go Slow. Do it all with a grin with no pressure and heaps of space for everyone.

With Bubbles and chocolate to help celebrate this is an event for YOU.



Of course, as always, these are fully supported, fully marked trails, with music, laughter and trail ladies!



Celebrate being a trail lady with other trail ladies. This is an all ages event (yes, under 18's welcome) so bring the next generation of trail ladies along to experience the fun!

All kinds of prizes will be on offer including future event entries, massages, bubbles, chocolate and so much more! It's going to be heaps fun! You don't want to miss this.

Aid Station

We'll have an aid station stocked with bananas, watermelon, electrolyte and water as well as first aiders at the Start/Finish 3km point.