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Jolly Jumbuck Race Brief

Distances & Price:
Event Location:
Bells Rapids
Event Start Time:

Jolly Jumbuck Race Brief

Event Date:
Event Start Time:
Event Location:
Bells Rapids
Directions to Event:

Course Description

Aid Station

We can't wait to cheer you on for Jolly Jumbuck - at the beautiful Bells Rapids  

What's in a name?  Trail running often takes us on journeys, and this one  takes you  up Jumbuck Hill! Which reminded us of the classic song, where a jolly swagman is camping  by a billabong. You may just run past one of these too! A song where this swagman puts a jolly jumbuck in his tuckerbag! I'm sure you're onto it now.... The only thing that made sense was to invite you to come a'Waltzing with us! 

Directions and Parking Information

Head to the State Equestrian Centre, 303 Cathedral Avenue Brigadoon WA.

Once you've turned into the Centre please drive past the bitumen parking area and follow the driveway (to the right hand side of the building). You'll find PTS Crew waiting on the driveway to direct you into our parking area. Please park nice and tight so there's enough room for everyone.

The Jolly Jumbuck Start/Finish will be located in the undercover area next to the Arena.

*There is mobile reception service with all network providers at the Start/Finish. Some network providers do not provide service for the entire duration of the course. Being trail runners, you are resourceful!*

Important Times

7:00am Check-in and Bib Collection (closes at 7:55am)

8:10am Race Briefing - Black and Blue Courses (ALL Black and Blue runners must be present)

8:20am Black Course Start

8:35am Blue Course Start

8:36am Race Briefing - Green Course (ALL Green runners must be present)

8:45am Green Course Start

What To Bring

- Your Hydration System (handheld bottle, waist belt, or pack that holds a minimum of 500ml). This MUST be presented at Check-in or you won't receive your race bib.

- PTS Collapsible Cup to access water at the Aid Station and at the Finish Line. No cup = no water. If it's your first event let PTS Crew know at Check-in to receive your cup.

- PTS KeepCup if you have one for the coffee van at the Finish Line!

- There are shower facilities available onsite so bring a towel and a change of clothes. You'll be feeling fresh while cheering in your fellow trail runners.

- Cash for the Coffee and Food Van, and to grab yourself some awesome PTS Gear (Shirts $40, Socks $20, Tubies/Buffs $15). Please don't forget - as there is limited EFTPOS available onsite!

- A positive and prepared for anything trail runner attitude!

What NOT To Bring:

- Hiking poles - they aren't allowed at the Winter Series events.

- Dogs are welcome at the Start/Finish area of this event, but we ask that they're well behaved and controlled. 

***Complete Winter Series Runners***

- Don't forget your wristband!!! Please wear your PTS silicone wristband to obtain your MegaMedal and receive 10% off of Merch on the day!

- After you collect your bib please head to the Winter Series collection table to grab your Snakes MegaMedal piece. Male runners can collect their Winter Series shirt. Female runners - due to COVID we are still awaiting your shirt delivery so there are only limited sizes available for collection. Thank you for your understanding.

Carpooling Mates: To find your carpooling mates, join our Perth Trail Series (social group)

Important On Course Information

- We encourage all runners to remove the headphones today. There's a lot of single track, some with two way traffic. There will be other users on the trail - horses, hikers and mountain bikers. So please ditch the headphones and keep everybody safe.

Black Course - Drop Down 

Black Course runners - if you have not reached Jumbuck hill for round 2, by 10:30am, you’ll be directed back to the Start/Finish following the flat track. Thank the marshal who directs you this way. It’s beautiful, and you're still clocking over 17km to a medal trumpet finish!

Post Race

- Presentations for Jolly Jumbuck will take place around 10am. Stick around and cheer in your fellow trail runners! Thanks to event sponsor Feral Brewery for the amazing prizes!

- Don't forget to check in with Adam from Rowney Chiropractic for awesome recovery advice.

*GPX Files are be subject to change

GPX File Jolly Jumbuck Black Half Marathon Course

GPX File Jolly Jumbuck Blue Course

GPX File Jolly Jumbuck Green Course

Course Map

There may be changes to the course for various reasons. So always follow the course markings of arrows and blue flagging tape (not the person in front of you), and be mindful of directions from Woohoo Crew on course.

*Actual event day course may change - always follow course flagging on the day*

Grab your phone click 'view larger map' and follow your course colour. You can carry it as a backup on raceday. (may not work in limited reception areas)

How do I that? Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. The night before the race, click 'view larger map' in the top right corner of google map and make sure that it opens in your phone google maps.

2. When you're at the start line, open your google maps and make sure you see the Green, Blue and Black course lines.

3. If you're doing the Green Course, follow the Green line. If you're doing the Blue course, follow the Blue line. Same with Black.

TRAIL TIPS: Trail Etiquette When Encountering Other Users  

- Yield to horses on the shared use trail in the first and last 2km of the course. Make eye contact with the rider and talk softly so the horse knows you’re human. Ask the rider if you should walk, or if they would like to pass.

- Black Course and Blue Course runners may meet up at the Jumbuck hill single track – slower runners please move to the side to let faster runners pass.

- Black Course runners have an out'n'back section. Runners further along the course have the right of way. Give them a woohoo!

- Families and children. This is a highly visited and used park. Please be mindful of picnic goers. Most people are there to hang out in nature.

- Running on the bridge. Please be mindful of other users. We don't own the bridge and can't expect/charge at people to get out of the way. Politely pass and say hello. 

- No headphones from start to when you're off the bridge, and from the bridge until the finish.

Some rules to remember:

1. Disqualification (DQ) if caught littering or short-cutting/cheating.

2. Minimum 500ml hydration must be carried for the duration of the event and it's a DQ if you're caught without it. If you want to run without hydration there are great footpaths in the city ;-)

3. Bibs cannot be given to someone else to race on your behalf - your bib, your identity. If you did not enter this event, you aren't allowed to run the course on the day. This is called "ghosting" and will result in being refused entry to future PTS events.

4. No headphones from the start until you've crossed the bridge, and again when you're back on the bridge no headphones until the finish. It's a high usage area, and this is a risk to your safety. We discourage use at this event.