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Diamond Relay FAQ

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Diamond Relay FAQ

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Course Description

Aid Station

Relay: The most popular choice! To Go Far, you Go Together! 

Sign up as a team of 4 people.

No matter which team you're on, please nominate 1 person as your captain! (You know...they're the one that normally organises your whole group.) 

The team captain signs up the group, and then 2 weeks prior to race day, our event team will be intouch to finalise all runners. 

You don't need to nominate who does what leg, or how far at a time you'll be going. We just need to know who's on the team. For your race strategy, you'd want to sort out these details. 

This is a fun option to gather your mates, see how you go in a relay and push yourself more than you would, if you chose the 3hr solo option. 

The team of 4 will also get announced for prizes, and have it's own category. 

Why pick the relay?:

😍You've met a few other people, who are similiar paced at the PTS events, and want to see how far you can go together.

💪You're happy to run for 6 hours, but want support, a break in-between and your friends probably even think you're crazy, so they'll join in on the fun and cover the other 6 hour shift! 

😱Works well for to be split up even for 3hours each, or can be split up which ever way you like.

🥳You get to run through the night, and have a little "campout" vibe while cheering everyone on!

Okay, what about running the loops? Is this fun?


So many reasons to 🧡 LOVE 🧡 a looped course

1 The social atmosphere 🥳 Always close to the event village

2 many Opportunities for chats 😂

3 Never Alone. Feel your Support Crew with you every step of the way🧡

4 No mandatory gear to carry

5 No headlamp, you run under lights! (which feels EPIC!) if you were only to do the 3hr option, you'd run in the morning, like any other event 

6 No chance of getting lost