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Cobber Classic

Distances & Price:
80km solo, 40 km Duo and Relay (Teams of up to 4)
Event Location:
Northam to Red Hill Auditorium
Event Start Time:

Cobber Classic will sell out! Don't miss out.

6.00-6.30 am Arrival and Bib pickup
6.45 am Race Briefing (one briefing for both events)
7.00 am 80km Starts

Cobber Classic

Event Date:
Event Start Time:

Cobber Classic will sell out! Don't miss out.

6.00-6.30 am Arrival and Bib pickup
6.45 am Race Briefing (one briefing for both events)
7.00 am 80km Starts
Event Location:
Northam to Red Hill Auditorium
Directions to Event:
Cobber Classic

The start line (and rego) is at Bernard Park, Northam.

Finish in a Gladiator style entrance at Red Hill Auditorium, where you'll celebrate like a Rockstar!
2 Toodyay Road, Red Hill, WA 6056.

Run 80km, Finish like a Gladiator, Party like a Rock Star!

Course Description


The first Cobber Classic was EPIC and we want YOU to be a part of year#2!!

The second Cobber Classic will be held during Wildflower season in September 2020!

There's heaps of reasons you want to be a part of Cobber Classic!

1. You're adventurous, and you've got some mates (aka cobbers) who are up for anything!

2. Because how cool is it to finish an awesome challenge with the stunning backdrop at Red Hill Auditorium? cool!

3. You love supporting local events to grow into their potential. Classic is used to describe many major, long-standing sporting events. You're part of creating this history!

4. The name: Cobber is slang for mateship. How could you not do it?

Event Programme: 80km trail race follows the historic Kep Track from Northam to an epic finish at Red Hill Auditorium. Options for participants to run solo, duo or relay teams of up to four.

The Course Breakdown- 80 km total-

The Race is for Solo, Duo or Relay Team of 3-4 runners.

- Leg 1 Northam to Clackline

- Leg 2 Clackline to Wooroloo

- Leg 3 Wooroloo to Mt Helena

- Leg 4 Mt Helena to Red Hill Auditorium

Aid Station

Aid 1: Clackline

Aid 2: Wooroloo

Aid 3: Mt Helena

Mandatory items

* Hydration system that holds 1 litre minimum

* Emergency Blanket (reflective lightweight type)

* Cell phone (We'll have a live tracking app so your crew, friends, and family can meet you)

* Headtorch (if leaving Transition 3 after 3pm)

Strongly recommended items:

*Wet weather jacket and medium warmth mid layer or thermal (if weather predicts)

*Buff (to wipe your nose)

*Nutrition (Aid stations stocked, but you know you better than we do)

*Small first aid kit (band aids, blister kit)

Anyone found to be running without mandatory gear is disqualified. We want everyone to run safe and look after each other!


Cobber Classic will take a unique approach to cut offs with the view of giving everyone the best possible chance to finish an Ultra. Instead of enforcing cutoffs, there will be minimum times that each runner must leave each Aid Station.

Transition/Aid 1- Clackline - runner must leave by 9:32 a.m.

Transition/Aid 2- Wooroloo- runner must leave by 12:44 p.m.

Transition/Aid 3- Mt Helena- runner must leave by 3:08 p.m.

Finish- Red Hill - Cutoff 5:43 p.m.

This has been calculated at an 8min / km pace which, on the non-technical/relatively flat course, will be achievable to almost everyone. If the runner does not leave the Aid Station by the required time, they have the option to skip that section and get a ride to the next Transition point by their own means. If they arrive prior to the cutoff time for this section, they can carry on to finish Gladiator style into Red Hill! Woohoo!

Duo...if the first runner does not reach Wooroloo by 12:44 p.m, the second runner will be sent off at 12:44 p.m. to continue the race.

Relays....each relay team member will be sent off from the start of their section at the 'required time runner must leave' as mentioned above, regardless of whether your teammate(s) reached their cutoff time.

This race is a challenge but accessible for all runners to achieve a result that they can be proud of.

Drop Bags:

Runner must clearly label bag with the following information:

- Which Transition/Aid station you'll want access to your bag (T1, T2, T3, or Finish), runner's name, and runner's bib number.

Want to access a bag at every checkpoint? Then you'll need to pack multiple drop bags!

T3 drop bag must include a headlamp. To be checked at Rego on bib collection, and also at T3 on leaving time.

All drop bags will be dropped at the start and available for collection at the finish.

+1015m and -932m


Woohoo Crew!

So many opportunities to get involved. Running 80km is not required ;-) On course roles: Marshals, Rego, Aid Stations, Road Crossings....the list goes on!

If you're sitting this race out, please join our PTS Crew. Simply complete the form here to get your 'woohoo' on!

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