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Bloated Goat Training Plan

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Bloated Goat Training Plan

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Course Description

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We’ve got a whole 18 weeks mapped out leading you from Channel 12 through the Summer Series to the finish line at the toughest trail running event in WA. Each week we’ll give you specifics on what to do and some tips on how to do it. Read on for info on how we’ve prepared the plan and what you can do to maximise your chances of success. But don’t get too bogged down on the detail – each weekly snapshot will give you the required info.

And, if you’ve already got something working for you, great! Don’t feel you need to adopt this program - there are many ways to skin a cat (or goat for that matter)!

Starting the Program

The mental prerequisite for this program is for you to be ready to enjoy it. Running should be fun. Running should be silly. You should jump in puddles. You should roll in the grass. If you’ve lost your mojo, ask yourself why you’re running. Find the fun again before trying to crank it up. Thursday nights or other social runs are a great place to look for it…

The physical prerequisite for this program is for you to already have a level of long-distance running fitness for the sorts of events that PTS offers. So we’d want you to be happy going out for a cruisy 1-hour trot (e.g. the Thursday night Social Runs) without being exhausted after the run or have sore legs the next day. Not sure how you’ll cope? Ask us!

The time prerequisite to follow the program exactly requires a commitment of roughly 5 hours a week. Some weeks will be a bit less. Some weeks will be a bit more (6.5 hours is the maximum). If you can’t manage that, then do the best that you can.


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