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Woohoo?!?! High Five?!?!? Whaaaaaaaaat?

Blog: Meet the Team

You wouldn't listen to a crazy person saying, "Woohoo! Look after each other!" would you? How about a "proper" introduction to move us along on this amazing trail journey.

When someone asks you what trail running is...share this!

Blog: What's trail running all about?

When your friends ask "What did you get up to over the weekend?" And you say "Woohoo! Went for a trail run!" Then they give you that blank stare look. Awkward! Show them this...

Rockstars Needed!

PTS Crew

Perth Trail Series event day volunteers are known as PTS Crew. Our awesome PTS Crew add so much to the woohoo and high five-ing spirit at our events. PTS Crew help make these races possible and allow our trail runners to compete in a fun, safe, and organized way.
Why join the PTS Crew?

11 - 13 October 2019

Pemby Trail Fest

Our biggest event yet! Pemby Trail Fest! 3 days of running through beautiful Karri forrest on Western Australia's sexiest trails!

9 - 10 Nov 2019

Run Albany

Run Albany is everything you could ever dream! These trails offer dramatic coastlines combined with urban undulations and plenty of distances for all capabilities.

Please Read

Rules & Safety

No littering. If caught, you will be disqualified.
No shortcuts. Same penalty as above.
Mandatory hydration to be carried in every event: 500 ml container is the minimum, but check specific event site for amounts.

Bibs must be worn on the front and visible at all times. No bib, no race. We take "ghosting" very seriously-that is, running the course without being part of the event. This is not allowed.

If you need to retire early from the event (DNF), you must notify a race volunteer as soon as possible. We cannot pack up and go home with people unaccounted for.